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Green Farm

Your Bridge of Trust in an Expanding World

Offering Farmed Products, Shipping Services and Sustainable Solutions

Products and Services 

All Natural Bulk Food Dispensers

Farmed Products 

Bulk Grain and Staples


Shipping and Carbon Monitoring

Processed Products

Confectionary, Feed and Oils

Varieties of Grain

What We Do

SADOT is offering global farm-to-table solutions.

 At SADOT we leverage our insight into consumer trends and dietary needs to enhance its activities globally. We work to create a network within the supply chain overlooking our food production process from the source. 


At SADOT we understand that the food and beverage industry is constantly changing. Our mission is to ensure the delivery of essential foods to communities around the world by engaging with farmers, traders, logistics providers and industrial ingredients processors.

Food security and climate control are imminent initiatives at the core of SADOT's commercial aspirations.

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